Photo of Dave Hire

Dave Hire

Executive Director of Shared Administrative Services & Training
Photo of Ellen Hoium

Ellen Hoium

Intake Specialist
Photo of Heather Hossman

Heather Hossman

Photo of Nicole Hossman

Nicole Hossman

Photo of Wendy Huffman
Photo of Teri Hunley

Teri Hunley

Board Certified Behavior Analyst
Photo of Michaela Hupp

Michaela Hupp

Photo of Jana Hutchison

Jana Hutchison

Reading Tutor
Photo of Jill Irvin-Dietz

Jill Irvin-Dietz

Reading Tutor
Photo of Megan Isaly

Megan Isaly

Photo of Cherish Jenkins

Cherish Jenkins

Preschool Administrative Assistant
Photo of Cindi Johnson

Cindi Johnson

Special Needs/Student Services Consultant
Photo of Karen Johnson
Photo of Stephanie Johnson

Stephanie Johnson

Administrative Assistant
Photo of Krista Jones

Krista Jones

Speech & Language Pathologist
Photo of Carla Kanzigg

Carla Kanzigg

Intervention Specialist
Photo of Greg Keith

Greg Keith

Photo of Jennifer Kemp

Jennifer Kemp

Preschool Teacher
Photo of Paige Kinney

Paige Kinney

Photo of Lindsay Lang

Lindsay Lang

Photo of Megan Lang

Megan Lang

Speech Language Pathologist
Photo of Nicole Lang

Nicole Lang

Occupational Therapist
Photo of Pamela Lankford

Pamela Lankford

Director of Logistics and Epicenter
Photo of Jessica Laudermilt

Jessica Laudermilt

Intervention Specialist
Photo of Eden Lauffer

Eden Lauffer

School Psychologist
Photo of Shannon Leasure

Shannon Leasure

Director of Mathematic Instruction
Photo of Katie Lemley

Katie Lemley

Speech Language Pathologist
Photo of Kristi Leonard-Webber

Kristi Leonard-Webber

Community and Career Connected Learning Coordinator
Photo of Makayla Liedtke

Makayla Liedtke

Photo of Caitlin Loughry

Caitlin Loughry

Speech Language Pathologist
Photo of Lori Lynn

Lori Lynn

Director of Literacy
Photo of Jennifer Maze

Jennifer Maze

Family and Community Engagement Liaison
Photo of Deanna McCall

Deanna McCall

Photo of Sonja McCartney

Sonja McCartney

Preschool Teacher
Photo of Carol McConnell

Carol McConnell

Fiscal Assistant – Budgetary
Photo of Emily Mellinger
Photo of Chad Miller

Chad Miller

Director of Specialized Learning and STEM
Photo of Shannon Mitchell

Shannon Mitchell

Physical Therapist
Photo of Traci Mitchell

Traci Mitchell

Preschool Supervisor
Photo of Donna Morris

Donna Morris

Photo of Stephanie Munoz

Stephanie Munoz

Photo of Carrie Neil

Carrie Neil

Occupational Therapist
Photo of Kathy Null

Kathy Null

Photo of Macy Otto

Macy Otto

Photo of Kenzie Perkins

Kenzie Perkins

Speech Language Pathologist
Photo of Judith Petelin

Judith Petelin

Photo of Jacquelyn Prichard

Jacquelyn Prichard

Blue Sky Virtual Academy Supervisor
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