Photo of Haley Davidson

Haley Davidson

Photo of Jessica Dean

Jessica Dean

Administrative Assistant
Photo of Sandy Doudna

Sandy Doudna

Career Pathways Specialist
Photo of Amber Dunbar

Amber Dunbar

Photo of Dakota Earley

Dakota Earley

Intervention Specialist
Photo of Joy Edgell

Joy Edgell

Director of Preschool Services
Photo of Stacey Eding

Stacey Eding

Photo of Tiffany Eichinger
Photo of Krystal Farmer

Krystal Farmer

LPN Building Health Assistant
Photo of JP Feldner

JP Feldner

Communications and Grant Writer Specialist
Photo of Stephanie Finley
Photo of Lacey Fish

Lacey Fish

Photo of Destanee Folden
Photo of Melanie Fouss

Melanie Fouss

Intervention Specialist
Photo of Taylor Franklin
Photo of Caitlin Frash

Caitlin Frash

Photo of Melanie Gainer

Melanie Gainer

Preschool Intervention Specialist
Photo of Kalee Gates

Kalee Gates

Supervisor of Gifted and Special Services
Photo of Laura Gehrig

Laura Gehrig

Reading Specialist
Photo of Sheena Gheen

Sheena Gheen

Photo of Elaine Glazier

Elaine Glazier

Physical Therapist
Photo of Amanda Goldberg

Amanda Goldberg

Intervention Specialist
Photo of Tiffany Graham
Photo of Kate Grose

Kate Grose

Intervention Specialist
Photo of Dr. Richard Hall

Dr. Richard Hall

Director of Shared & Admin Services
Photo of Tammy Hanger

Tammy Hanger

Parent Mentor
Photo of Alyssa Harding

Alyssa Harding

Preschool Teacher
Photo of Jeff Harrison

Jeff Harrison

Communications Director
Photo of Megan Hartshorn

Megan Hartshorn

Photo of Michele Haught

Michele Haught

Photo of Hannah Hilverding

Hannah Hilverding

Photo of Tiffiany Hinton

Tiffiany Hinton

Photo of Ellen Hoium

Ellen Hoium

Intake Specialist
Photo of Danielle Hollins

Danielle Hollins

Photo of Heather Hossman

Heather Hossman

Photo of Nicole Hossman

Nicole Hossman

Photo of Wendy Huffman
Photo of Teri Hunley

Teri Hunley

Board Certified Behavior Analyst
Photo of Kimberly Hupp
Photo of Michaela Hupp

Michaela Hupp

Photo of Jana Hutchison

Jana Hutchison

Reading Tutor
Photo of Amber Irvin

Amber Irvin

Photo of Jill Irvin-Dietz

Jill Irvin-Dietz

Reading Tutor
Photo of Megan Isaly

Megan Isaly

Photo of Cherish Jenkins

Cherish Jenkins

Preschool Administrative Assistant
Photo of Cindi Johnson

Cindi Johnson

Special Needs/Student Services Consultant
Photo of Karen Johnson