Staff Directory

Photo of Christine Abrams

Christine Abrams

Photo of Mike Alloway

Mike Alloway

Intervention Specialist
Photo of Taylor Archer

Taylor Archer

Intervention Specialist
Photo of Megan Atkinson
Photo of Lynsey Beaver

Lynsey Beaver

Photo of Lea Bentley

Lea Bentley

Occupational Therapist
Photo of Beth Bettinger

Beth Bettinger

Photo of Carrie Bickford

Carrie Bickford

LPN/Building Health Assistant
Photo of Janelle Bilyeu

Janelle Bilyeu

Reading Specialist
Photo of Penny Boggs

Penny Boggs

Gifted Education Supervisor / Homeless
Photo of Shelby Bolyard

Shelby Bolyard

Intervention Specialist
Photo of Connie Bond

Connie Bond

Photo of Ann Bowen

Ann Bowen

Preschool Supervisor
Photo of Jamie Broach

Jamie Broach

Speech & Language Pathologist
Photo of Lydia Brodegard

Lydia Brodegard

Director of Special Education
Photo of Andrew Brooks

Andrew Brooks

Photo of Ashley Brown

Ashley Brown

Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant
Photo of Nancy Brown

Nancy Brown

Photo of Stephanie Bryan

Stephanie Bryan

Photo of Tonya Buchanan

Tonya Buchanan

Parent Mentor
Photo of Amy Buchtel

Amy Buchtel

Payroll & Fiscal Assistant
Photo of Meghan Budzyn

Meghan Budzyn

Occupational Therapist
Photo of Beth Bunt

Beth Bunt

Preschool Literacy Coach
Photo of Jessica Burga

Jessica Burga

Physical Therapy Assistant
Photo of Lori Caldwell

Lori Caldwell

Photo of Ashley Canterbury

Ashley Canterbury

Intervention Specialist
Photo of Rebecca Clemens

Rebecca Clemens

Intervention Specialist
Photo of Stephanie Collinsworth

Stephanie Collinsworth

Homeless Regional Liaison

Debra Colson-McCarthy

Speech Language Pathologist
Photo of Brittany Crock

Brittany Crock

Photo of Jessica Dean

Jessica Dean

Administrative Assistant
Photo of Morgan Denius

Morgan Denius

Photo of Alicia Donahue

Alicia Donahue

Occupational Therapist
Photo of Sandy Doudna

Sandy Doudna

Career Pathways Specialist
Photo of Kimberly Dowler

Kimberly Dowler

Photo of Amber Dunbar

Amber Dunbar

Photo of Lisa Dunbar

Lisa Dunbar

Preschool Paraprofessional
Photo of Dakota Earley

Dakota Earley

Intervention Specialist
Photo of Joy Edgell

Joy Edgell

Director of Preschool Services
Photo of Lacey Fish

Lacey Fish

Photo of Melanie Fouss

Melanie Fouss

Intervention Specialist
Photo of Kayla Fraley

Kayla Fraley

Photo of Joe Frazier

Joe Frazier

Intervention Specialist
Photo of Sheena Gheen

Sheena Gheen

Photo of Elaine Glazier

Elaine Glazier

Physical Therapist
Photo of Amanda Goldberg

Amanda Goldberg

Intervention Specialist
Photo of Kate Grose

Kate Grose

Intervention Specialist

Dr. Richard Hall

Director of Shared & Admin Services
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