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Superintendent’s Message

On behalf of the Ohio Valley Educational Service Center’s Board of Education and Administration, I would like to express our sincere excitement and enthusiasm as we welcome this next school year. The OVESC has a lot to be thankful for and even more to look forward to in this coming year.

We first want to officially welcome our two newest districts, Crooksville Exempted Village School District and Morgan Local Schools. We are so glad to have these new districts align with us and are looking forward to serving them in every way we can. We are also happy to announce that our Bright Beginnings Preschool will return to the Rolling Hills District to serve as their early education providers. This growth and expansion not only enables us to expand what we can offer to all of our districts and region, it also gives our agency a sense of satisfaction and reassurance that our goals and mission to #SERVE are being recognized and valued throughout our region and territory.

With the addition of our new partners, we have added several new staff to our team. We are very thankful and excited to have these individuals who share our same desire to serve kids joining our organization. We welcome all new employees to the OVESC family.

This year will be no different than years past in the sense that change is constant! We will be operating under a new state budget, a restructured State Board of Education, many different state mandated requirements, and increased standards for excellence. These typical changes, while sometimes challenging, are not always bad. We are seeing increased importance placed on early literacy, preschool access, STEM opportunities, and various other necessary benchmarks needed for today’s youth. As an ESC, it is our primary responsibility to assist our member districts with the implementation of these upgrades, changes, and challenges. We feel that we are ready for the task and are planning daily to #SERVE.

2023-2024 promises to be another year of growth and improvement. These will always be our targeted outcomes as a service agency. We are always looking for talented and qualified teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals, and educational specialists to join our team. If you have any questions, concerns, or interests in our organization, we invite you to reach out to us.

Join us in having a Great Year!

Dalton Summers
Superintendent, Ohio Valley ESC



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