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The Ohio Valley ESC will serve our partners, provide leadership, build connections, develop relationships, leverage resources, and enhance learning.


The Ohio Valley ESC is dedicated to providing innovative services that value and enhance continuous learning. 

Welcome to a new school year! 

It’s September 10, 2020, and as we start this new school year,  I can’t help but think about September 11, 2001. Do you remember where you were? I do. I was the principal at Little Hocking Elementary School, and it was a typical start to a new day until we learned of the events unfolding in New York, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania. We said then, “Nothing will ever be the same again,” and we certainly have had many changes because of the attacks 19 years ago. 

Today, our country is going through a different kind of crisis caused by a virus we cannot even see. Again, I hear comments about our old normal, the new normal, and will we ever go back to the way it was prior to March, 2020? 

I am certain some things will return to the normal we once knew, but we have also learned a lot about ourselves, our organizations, and how we can educate students. If we as educators return to the way we were prior to COVID-19 without making some changes, then we will have squandered all the hard work and learning that has taken place for and with our students. 

The Ohio Valley ESC’s leadership team recently reviewed our Continuous Improvement Plan along with our Mission and Vision. We are committed to serving our partners, providing leadership, building connections, developing relationships, leveraging resources, and enhancing learning by providing innovative services that value and enhance continuous learning.  The OVESC has four main pillars supporting the work within our region. Let me provide an overview for you. 

The Bright Beginnings Preschool Program operates in Switzerland of Ohio, Noble Local Schools, Frontier Local Schools, Fort Frye Local Schools, Belpre City Schools, Marietta City Schools, Warren Local Schools and Wolf Creek Local Schools. Our preschool staff have been trained in appropriate social distancing strategies, and they have received training on how to disinfect toys and the classroom in order to keep our students and staff safe. In addition to the in person instruction our students will receive, we have also created a Google Classroom for students who are unable to attend a traditional preschool. These students and their families receive instruction and ideas to further their development through the virtual classroom and activities provided by the teacher, paraprofessional and service providers. The Bright Beginnings Preschool Program was recently awarded the Comprehensive Literacy Grant. This grant will support the work completed over the last three years through the Striving Literacy Literacy Grant where the focus has been on initial literacy instruction for our youngest learners. The preschool classrooms will be set up as models for other preschool programs throughout the State. For more information, contact Joy Edgell at

Special Education Department  For questions about special education services, contact Bryan Wilson    ,

Teaching and Learning Department (formerly called School Improvement) will see services continue, but will also see new opportunities for our districts. Brad Lanier, our latest addition has twenty-five years of teaching and leadership experience in PK-12 through the university level. Brad’s curriculum-related highlights include:

    • Leading professional development in the areas of Challenge-Based Learning & NGSS Nature of Science, Product-Based Learning, Data-coaching, Universal Design for Learning, Literacy, Instructional Rounds, CBL for At-Risk Youth, Co-planning and Online Learning.
  • Planning & Implementation in the areas of Data Analysis, Instrument development for monitoring and support, Assessment writing, Curriculum pacing & guides, Resource websites and spreadsheets, Ohio Report Card curriculum planning, MTSS & Career-Based Interventions, and Scheduling.


If you are interested in learning more about the above areas, contact Brad Lanier at

Lastly, the OVESC leadership team launched the Blue Sky Virtual Academy on February 1, 2020. The purpose of this academy is to support districts in their efforts to retain students who wish to enroll in an online school or other program taking them from their district. The current pandemic has increased the need for this service. Blue Sky Virtual Academy currently has students enrolled from five of our districts. Our Blue Sky team is working diligently to ensure all enrolled students are successful in the transition from the brick and mortar school to the virtual platform. In addition to a successful transition, the team is working to ensure all students are successful in their classes so returning to the traditional classroom will be easily made. The team will be working to expand our outreach efforts to students who are enrolled in other virtual schools or who may opt to complete traditional homeschooling as we believe the support and services offered through the Blue Sky Virtual Academy will enhance the learning of students, their families and to others across the State of Ohio. For more information on Blue Sky Virtual Academy, please contact Jacque Prichard at