Superintendent's Office

Superintendent’s Message

Welcome to the Ohio Valley ESC’s newly upgraded webpage! 

The leaders at the Ohio Valley ESC are excited to launch this newly upgraded webpage because it reflects the work we have been completing over the last several months. While we are currently working under the Governor’s Executive Order to work from home because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we continue during these times to keep our Mission and Vision in the forefront of our minds. 


The Ohio Valley ESC will serve our partners, provide leadership, build connections, develop relationships, leverage resources, and enhance learning.


The Ohio Valley ESC is dedicated to providing innovative services that value and enhance continuous learning. 

Within the last several months the Ohio Valley ESC has initiated a few new innovative services. First, we launched the Blue Sky Virtual Academy on February 1, 2020. This Academy is in partnership with our local school districts. The focus of this virtual academy is on those students who are leaving the traditional brick and mortar buildings to an online platform. There are many reasons students and families enroll in online schools. The Blue Sky Virtual Academy allows the students to remain enrolled in their local school, but attend all classes through a partnership between the Ohio Valley ESC and Edgenuity. Students can remain active in clubs and extracurricular activities while enrolled in Blue Sky. There is a great amount of flexibility in the program and courses so students are able to explore interests while working towards graduation. The program offers a local mentor to help students and families navigate the program. This is a benefit most online schools are unable to provide. 

The Ohio Valley ESC and The Ohio State University are developing a stronger relationship through continued conversations between our leadership team and the College of Education and Human Ecology leadership. Three innovative services are being pursued at this time between the two institutions. First, OSU is granting scholarships through the HEROES Project to current teachers who provide instruction for students who are between the ages of 6 – 9 years old who have a reading disability. These scholarships will provide teachers with graduate level classes and classroom resources. Local teachers will be provided researched-based interventions to support the unique learning needs of the students within their care along with data tracking tools to show the students’ progress in their reading development. Second, OSU is providing research support for the Bright Beginnings Preschool Program. Through this cooperative effort, researchers at OSU will dive deeply into the preschool data from the last 3 – 5 years.  The preschool leadership will clearly see the areas where students are performing well and areas needing further attention. Additionally, a second focus within the study will be on adult implementation and effectiveness as a result of professional development provided over a three year period of time.  The third area of growth for the partnership between the Ohio Valley ESC and The Ohio State University is in the development of educational leadership professional development.  Dean Donald Pope-Davis and his team at OSU are looking for avenues for professional development within the Ohio Valley ESC region for our local educational leadership teams. This may be through our Leadership Day and/or in our Educational Leadership Committee. 

We are proud and excited about the partnerships being developed between the Ohio Valley ESC, our partnering districts and The Ohio State University. We believe these will strengthen the opportunities for the students within our region.

Have a great day!! 

Andrew Brooks