SLO Scoring Report v5.1

SLO Scoring Report v5.1

  • Allow Excel to do the calculations for you
  • Enter the student data (name, baseline score, growth target, and final score) & Excel does the rest
  • Contains powerful reflection tools that go beyond ODE’s simple reporting tool
  • Being digital gives you the ability to copy and paste from online grade books
  • It’s FREE → Download it here SLO Scoring Report v5.1

New/Updated Features with v5.1

  • New – Help Videos“How to” video links on every tab
  • New – Extended Student Datacompares students’ results and expectations to similar students in the SLO
  • Updated – Extended Student Dataallows teachers to see by how much a student missed or succeeded their growth target
  • New – Name Generatorassists teachers inputting their list of students’ names
  • New – Frequently Asked Questions – answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the use of the Scoring Report

SLO Scoring Report v5.1 Overview with Sample Data

Part 1 – Enter SLO & Student Data

Video 1

Part 2 – Use Extended Data Tools for Reflection

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